Our Products

CDN Technologies provider of Fire, Safety, Security and Home Automation Products As suppliers and distributors of fire, safety, security and Home Automation systems, it is our primary undertaking to ensure the best quality for all the products in our catalog. Therefore, our skilled procurement team makes sure that we only source the best products from manufacturers and companies with stellar reputations and only after rigorous quality analysis.

All our products display the key characteristics of durability and long life. Some of the products we supply are –

  • Surveillance equipment including wired and wireless cameras, CCTV systems, remote surveillance systems and monitoring equipment.
  • Time Attendance/Access control systems including identity checking devices working with smart ID cards or biometric fingerprint analysis.
  • Other security equipments like baggage scanners, metal detectors, safes and lockers and much more.
  • Comprehensive fire safety solutions including fire detectors and fire alarm systems.
  • Car parking management solutions.
  • Video conferencing and virtual learning equipment.

We have a comprehensive network of supplier partners which ensures that we have continuous supply of these products at any point of time. With our experience, we at CDN Technologies hope to keep rising towards the top and becoming the largest suppliers and distributors of security-related equipment in the country.

CDN Technologies offers a wide range of safety and security products. We never allow our clients to compromise when it comes to the quality of the products; since our products are meticulously designed with quality raw material to meet the specified requirements. Our products have undergone a multiple testing to check for any discrepancies in vendor place for assured guarantee. Nevertheless of the place you are, we provide you the complete care and peace of mind.

We offer the state of the art technology of products and service for a hassle free life. Our products are highly appreciated for its quality, reliability and durability. Based in Chennai, Tamilnadu, we extend our service to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Kerala, and Andaman Islands.