Canteen Management System

General Rules

  • Manage multiple staff canteens (single/multi-location) with a central database.
  • Control canteen access for visitors, guests, and contract users.
  • Define menu items with price and subsidy.
  • Regularize canteen usage.
  • Limit food quantity (for e.g. – an employee cannot have more than 1 lunch per day) to avoid manipulations.
  • Restrict canteen usage to only during shift hours.

Best Canteen Management System


Spectra’s biometric canteen management system enables quick cashless transactions and enforces well-structured operational management. It bridges the gap between the canteen and its usage intuitively and effectively. Our RFID-based Canteen Management System is the latest, most functional cashless canteen management system in the market today. It ensures hassle-free monitoring of cafeteria consumption patterns with the added advantage of going paperless. Enjoy the facility of paying via both prepaid as well as postpaid modes. You can check or validate daily or monthly food transactions in real-time supported by multi-company, multi-user & multi-vendor options. Our biometric canteen management system is capable of seamless third-party integration for Payroll/ERP systems with quick and easy excel reporting.

Real-Time User Details

One Time Swipe Integration

Customizable Menu

Alerts (Recharge, Block List emps)

Display No of Card Swipes

Secure And Speedy Transactions

Time Limit Between Each Meals

Guest Card Accessibility

Integrated Features

Centralized and real-time Attendance Recording Software with easy online management of all complex
HR tasks and offer completely automated process.

Integration with Printer

Devices Connect Directly with any Standard Printer Prints Receipt with Transaction Details

Auto Recharge/Payment

Self-activate Recharge and Payment Process at Scheduled Time, No Manual Intervention

Customizable Menu

Allows Administrator to create up to 255 Menu Items, Allows creation of Nine Different Menus

Menu Schedule

Administrator can Schedule Menus, User can Select and Order any Item from the Menu