TWAT6550B X-Ray Baggage Scanner

TWAT6550B X-Ray Baggage Scanner

  • TWAT6550B X-ray Baggage scanner is ideal for screening everything from mid-size packages to oddly shaped items and palletized loads.
  • It is strategically designed for mid-size baggage and parcels to thwart the cleverest attempts at hiding weapons, drugs, stolen goods, and other contraband.
  • Dual-energy imaging provides automatic color coding of materials.
  • It is equipped with Linux operating system and can continuosly work for 10000hours.
  • It has built in self check and diagnosis function.
  • Very low in sound and light alarm and has energy saving design


Additional information

General Specification
Tunnel Size 659.4*503.85 mm(width×height) (±20mm)
Product Size 659.4*503.85 mm(width×height)
Wire Resolution TypicalAWG40
Penetration Resolution TypicalAWG38
Spatial Resolution Vertical:1.6mm, Horizontal:1.6mm
Steel Penetration Typical 34m (±20mm)
Resolution of Organic Matter 1-120mm
Gray Scale & mixture Resolution 1-40mm
Resolution of Inorganic Objects 0.2-12mm
X-Ray Dosage Each Inspection ≤4.5µSv (uGy)
Boundary Leakage ≤1.0µSv /h(uGy/h)
S/N Ratio <60dB
Conveyor Speed 0.2m/s
Conveyor Max Load 180kg
Power Consumption 1.0KW
Leakage Current ≤5.0mA
Film Safety Guarantee/ISO 1600 Film
Weight 480kg
Operation Temperature/Humidity 5℃-40℃/0%-90%
Storage Temperature/Humidity -20℃-60℃ /10%-90%
Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa-106kPa AC
Operation Power 220V(±10%-15%) 50±3Hz
Operation System LINUX
X-Ray Generator 160KV, oil cooling, from top to bottom
Electric Roller Three- phase
Memory Operating 1G, storage 8G
Monitor 19″LED screen. 1920*1080
Operation Console Single screen console
Software Functions
Power-On Self-Test With the function of fault self-check, automatically judge the fault and prompt the fault code information in time
Image Processing With the function of Color/ B W, negative, high/low penetration, organic /inorganic stripping, general enhancement, pseudocolor, etc
Image Recall 30 preceding images are recallable.
Images Stored Up to 10,000 images automatic storage
Real-Time Curve The real-time curve can be used to detect whether the acquisition system and components work normally
Time Setting System time can be set manually
Probe Setting It can realize the manual deletion of the low and low energy detection board dead pixels, and display the deleted dead pixels in the display area
Ray Source Setting There are two source and analog source control modes, the source parameters of the digital source can be set
Alarm System The alarm function can be activated and deactivated, the alarm type of the alarm box sound and light alarm can be selected, and the sensitivity, minimum absorption rate, maximum absorption rate, and alarm duration can be set
Troubleshooting It can realize whether the components such as the entrance and exit light barrier, side panel switch, emergency stop switch and light source are normal, and display the standard value and current value of the detection voltage
Image setting Drum running control direction and the image display moving direction can be set
Software registration Realize software registration functions and has a serial number, registration code, registration status and system time information display
User login Log in by entering different user names and passwords, only when logging in can you make other settings.
Software registration Realize software registration functions and has a serial number, registration code, registration status and system time information display
User management Add, delete, edit the user name and password, and set the user level to restore the deleted user.
language English
About Version and device number can be displayed
TIP report Reports can be generated by the tip operation after the tip insertion function is turned on, and the content of the report: user name, number of tip insertions, number of tags, false-positive rate, probability of detection, probability of false positives.
Tip management Function to enable and disable the insertion of dangerous goods and can set the identification time, prompt time, insertion frequency, proportion of single items inserted into dangerous goods, add tip files and delete files
Document management Query, open, and export the checked image
Function setting Set log level, save the file time, whether to open Function setting the training function and setting the smart roller
Data setting Display system working hours, total working hours of the ray source, total number of system baggage and packages, and the total number of baggage packages this time, and clear the above data.

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